Top 200 Influencers in the Home Design Industry 2020

Home design is often described as being the art of enhancing the interior of houses, making them more functional and beautiful. But home design is so much more than that.
Home design is not just about our homes, but about our lives and experiences. It is about how we live, work, play, share our time with others, and even how we heal. It is about how we interpret our surroundings and translate our beliefs, feelings, character, and personal experiences in this world. Our home is a reflection of all that, whether minimalist, classical, chic or just messy.
And the role of a home designer is to translate all those personal needs and elements into a functional and comfortable space that is also beautiful and pleasant to the eye. The job of a home designer goes far beyond aesthetics - with shapes, colors, and concepts. They are capable of changing rooms’ moods, adapting any space to our own culture, and seeing through our eyes what we want our home to be. They definitely have the power to change people’s lives.
In honor of an essential part of the home industry, once again, FIXR brings you the list of the top 200 influencers in the Home Design Industry, new for 2020. We invite you to take a look and browse through the names and faces that are shaping the Home Design Industry for the upcoming year.

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