As an artist of interior design, part of inspiration comes from spontaneity and artistic endeavors. I get inspired in everything I do, such as travel, hiking, reading, running, but most of all I get inspired by color.  Color is about core values, it is the most important part of my career as an interior designer. Color is stimulating, and it’s a form of non–verbal communication method of conveying messages and meaning.  Color is the most fundamental way of providing excellent resources needed to excel in the marketplace.  My reaction to color is subliminal, affecting the mind without conscious awareness, but also stimulates my senses like no other. 

M. Grace Designs is an award winning interior design firm founded by M. Grace Sielaff, recipient of the ASID Design Excellence Award from the American Society of Interior Designers.


Recipient of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 2012 Special Recognition and Service Award from the Chicago Conservation Corp (C3) and the Chicago Department of Environment. 

ASID Design Excellence Award from the American Society of Interior Designers, (ASID) - 
Green Design-Contract. 

Named one of the Best 20 Interior Designers in Chicago 2016. 

Elle Decor, Luxury Home Quarterly, Design Bureau Magazine, Modern Luxury Interiors, The MTV Production, Chicago Luxury Home and Condo, StyleChicago, Garden Design magazine, Spectacular HOMES, Chicago Tribune, and DreamHome at the Design Center Merchandise Mart.
Marketing Contributor and Brand Partner for the Karastan Live Beautifully Blog. Karastan/The Mohawk Group.

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Brittany Seiden is the assistant editor behind - Color, Style, Fashion, Interior Design and more... DesignerColorSensation Blog.
Who wouldn’t want to get to know someone whose cover letter started with: "Two core passions: Writing and pretty things” Not only does Brittany have the editorial background, she also has some special skills in business development and client management. 
Brittany is also a contributor to her own blog at Sincerely Styled @SINCERELY STYLED  

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