Wedding Flowers in Bloom

This past weekend I attended my sisters wedding in Cincinnati.  The wedding flowers were beautiful in bloom.

These flowers were some of the most colorful bouquet of flowers I've seen in a while...created by Sherry Diaz and Peachy Seiden. 

Source: Sherry Diaz, of Sad Soup -
Peachy Seiden:


  1. Great arrangement and selections of flowers.

  2. Flowers always amazed people no matter what kind of it is & what color it was of. Of all the blogs I visited I found your blog is too attractive. Will you please tell me more about how to decide flowers in wedding? Looking further for your answer…Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice pictures!

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments. This particular wedding was easy in selecting the flowers. I wanted it to be special, and unique, so I decided to give her flowers as a wedding gift. The pictures show similar to your lavish collection in rhapsody in purple.


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