The Merchandise Mart International Antiques Fair Vignette

One of the most creative aspects of designing a vignette for the Merchandise Mart International Antiques Fair is how to incorporate antiques with contemporary furniture.

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Spotlight Featuring: Sherwin Williams, A-Rudin, Hickory Chair, Pearson, Atelier Lapchi, Davenport & Shapiro Fine Arts, and Toulouse Antique Gallery.
Here are my five tips for creating striking vignettes.

1. Choose a large painting as your focal point.  I chose this lovely abstract painting by Mitzo, from Davenport and Shapiro Fine Arts, to add the Wow factor. The art piece is the basis of our vignette, which dominate the space.
2. Add warmth and an inviting color scheme.  I like to mix contrast colors such as neutrals with bold.  Paint colors Sherwin Williams: Daydream and Mythical Lavender.
3. Add modern yet elegant furniture.  I used Hickory Chair and Pearson.
4. Vary the height of the objects. I like to bring in tall and small items with interesting shapes and sizes.  I incorporated a vase with tall orchids, antique sculpture, including Marcel Breuer B10 table for Thonet (rare, early version) chromium-plated tubular steel/painted.  Stack of old books or a tray this is again to add some varying height to the vignette.

5. A textured pattern area rug by Lapchi. 


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