Interior Design: The Latest Design Trends

The Lastest Design Trends: One category, I’ve noticed is Green. Despite the recession, green products and services continue to thrive. Consumers are paying for eco-friendly products and services from clothing, to furnishings.  
Here's our favorite top picks.

Green: PolyWood Furniture.  Made here in America, is premium quality recycled plastic outdoor furniture that’s made out of milk jugs.

David Sutherland, CASSARO Fabric.
Today, such people living all over the world in diverse regions require high quality and environmentally friendly fabrics to move their ambitions forward, while still supporting their culture and engaging their lifestyle.

Below: Kravet, Indochine Collection. A collection of subdued color palette into new combination 
based on the ancient colors of Asia. 

Art: Art and Interior Design. Last year alone, we sold and specified more than $35,000. worth of art.  In 2012, it will triple to $105,000. Here’s some of my favorite art collection. 
Bettina at the Miro Show, pour ELLE, Summer Collection, 
Jacques Fath, Paris Georges Dambier 1953
Der Spaziergang Florian Master- Aichen 2011
Gramercy Hotel, New York, NY

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