As an artist of interior design, part of my inspiration comes from spontaneity or artistic endeavors.  I get inspired in everything I do, such as travel, hiking, reading, running, but most of all I get inspired by color.  Color is about core values, it is the most important part of my career as an interior designer.  Color is stimulating, and it’s a form of non –verbal communication method of conveying messages and meaning.  Color is the most fundamental way of providing excellent resources needed to excel in the marketplace.  My reaction to color is subliminal, affecting the mind without conscious awareness, but also stimulates my senses like no other.  I am captivated by the sensual, romantic, provocative color of fuchsia and magenta, but also enjoy the muted, neutral tones of clear sage green, grey and lavender. 

Above, is our latest color inspiration series of presentation.  I hope you enjoy our monthly design inspiration.   We will give you insights of the latest trends and of course color.

All the best, 

M. Grace Designs, Inc. 


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