Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Happy First Day of Fall.  Fall begins on September 23, early in the morning at 4:21 A.M. The autumnal equinox is when the Sun appears to cross the celestial equator from north to south.
The word equinox means “equal night”; night and day are about the same length of time. This occurs two times each year: Vernal in late March and Autumnal in late September.
Like most of my friends, I too get excited about the holiday season, especially during the fall season.
Every autumn, nature puts on a brilliant show of color in many parts of United States. From bright yellows to vibrant reds, the leaves transforms, showing their rich and vibrant hues. I cannot wait for things to start looking a little more like this...

I wanted to take some time to share some of my favorite seasonal products to spruce up your home just a bit...

Xx MGrace

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